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Common Q & A’s

Hear are our most common questions and answers to make sure you’re 100% on board with the program, with us and with understanding what it takes from you!  

What happens after I sign up

After you sign-up your coach will send you our app invitation to create your profile & membership.  Inside your invitation email contains our welcome packet with your enrollment TO DO’s as well as the step by step details on how our coaching will work.  After you complete your Enrollment TO DO’s and confirm with your coach, your program will be ready to start 7-10  business days prior unless a specific start date is set otherwise.

How long does it take to get results

The golden question!  This is about taking ownership, how often you work out, how well you stick to the plan, how well you sleep, manage stress, etc.  It’s not how long will our plan take to work, it’s how well will you stick to it, communicate with us, and work to improve over time that matters. Results are based on our ability to properly work together and your consistent commitment to our goal together.

I have a busy schedule, work a lo, travelt or am in school, how do I know we can make this work?

Every program is custom designed.  We ask each and every questions to make everything specific to your exact needs.  Busy schedule? NO PROBLEM, we have a solution. Only 3-4 days to workout? NO PROBLEM, we have the solution!

How much time do I need to commit each week?

We determine together based on your schedule the most efficient and effective time commitment you can SUSTAIN Consistently.

How many days a week do I have to workout?

3 days, up to 6 days a week can be your programs.  This is all designed for you, based on you.  The more days, of course the better.

Can I still eat out and drink?

We will teach you how to mindfully and effectively eat out when the time is right in our program.  We want this program and fitness to be a part of  your life, not consume your life!

What If I don’t know how to workout yet?

This is the best part!  All of our exercise programs have exercise demo videos with instructions directly from our coaches doing the exercises while saying how to do it.

Is this the real deal or a scam?

We promise you it’s the real deal. You can reach out to our coaches and ask them to refer you to our previous clients if you need to hear it from others!

Do you do vegan, vegetarian or cater to restrictive diet / allergy requirements?

We accommodate any and all dietary needs, preferences or restrictions.  We are nutrition specialists certified and prepared for whatever you need.

Do you recommend supplements? DO I have to take them?

We will recommend supplements as needed, if needed but only if you wish to take them.  It is not necessary.

Do you help with fat-loss, muscle building or weight-loss?

We help with all of the above. Your goal is our goal and we achieve it together

What does it cost?

We will discuss the program and membership costs on your call with our coaches.  Each package to a client may require different peices of what we offer so we can not put out an exact price.

I have an injury, how will this work?

You will clarify this with our coaches on your phone call. Depending the injury, restictions and needs we will be clear if we are confident in working around it.  We will not sign you up without 100% we can help you.